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Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote and sustain the historic and cultural heritage of Beadle County.  This mission will be achieved by collecting, preserving, researching, and interpreting evidence of the County's irreplaceable past and making it available for the lifelong education and enrichment of present and future generations. 


Take in our numerous photographs of Beadle County, the South Dakota State Fair and Families of the area. 

Read through thousands of newspaper articles, and archives that help tell the story of Beadle County.

Enjoy the artifacts from the area that interpret the past.

Our History

In 1960, The Dakotaland Museum started as The Pioneer Museum, as a tribute to all of the early settlers.  Located in the 1913 Dairy Exhibit Building on the State Fairgrounds, The Dakotaland Museum still holds true to celebrating the spirit and history of Beadle County.

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